Call to display Titianís £50 million Diana and Actaeon in Dundee : MSP " very encouraged" by National Galleries of Scotland response

31 July 2009

Marlyn Glen said that she was " very encouraged" at Dundeeís prospects of displaying the £50 million Titian painting Diana and Actaeon by the description of the city by the National Galleries of Scotland as "ideal", with the McManus Galleries having been "suggested as a possible venue"

Ms. Glen had recommended Dundee as a venue to display the 16th. painting to the National Galleries of Scotland.

The initial scheme for the public display of the work involved an alternating eight- month stay in either London or Edinburgh over the next three years, until May 2012.

However, following lobbying from Glasgow, the city will now also host displays of the painting.

After May 2012, the painting will be exhibited at various venues that have yet to be decided.

In reply to Ms. Glen, John Leighton, the Director-General of the National Galleries, said,

" We are, of course, keen that Diana and Actaeon can reach as wide an audience as possible and over the coming years, the National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) will be developing a programme of displays for Diana and Actaeon at various locations across the country and Dundee is certainly a city we would consider ideal for this.

"The McManus Galleries in Dundee( shortly to re-open after major refurbishment) has already been suggested as a possible venue and this is something NGS will be exploring with Dundee over the coming months."

Ms Glen said,

"The positive message from the National Galleries illustrates Dundeeís status as a growing centre of culture.

" Titianís painting is regarded as amongst the finest of the works of the Italian Renaissance artist

"Greater public access to his work would allows us to enjoy the very best of art."


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