School education control must remain local

30th. November 2009

Marlyn Glen has written to Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop saying that the running of school education in Dundee must not be removed from Dundee City Council and placed under the powers of the Scottish Government following the revelation that Dundee shed 39 teachers in the past year.

She was responding to reports stating that the transfer of education from councils was an option that the SNP Cabinet would raise in talks with council leaders.

She said,

" Councils cannot be expected by the Scottish Government to make its unworkable promises work, particularly when that very same Government denies them the millions of pounds necessary for investment in education.

" The latest Dundee school figures show how remote are the prospect of the council fulfilling the SNP election promise that all primary 1 to 3 classes will have a maximum size of 18 by eighteen months’ time.

" In Dundee, only 187 primary one pupils out of over 1,400 in Dundee are in class sizes of 18 maximum.

"The situation in primaries 2 and 3 is even bleaker.

"Only 19 pupils out of the 2,600 pupils in the 37 primary schools in Dundee are in class sizes of 18 maximum."

Ms. Glen described the proposal to move responsibility from Dundee to the Scottish Government as "a desperate measure to divert attention away from the Scottish Government’s record of failure in education."

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