Plea for more construction work

29 October 2009

Marlyn Glen is making a fresh plea to the Scottish Government for new construction sector work for Dundee and Angus following the revelation that some 470 building trade workers in the area are registered as looking for work in their particular trades.

Scottish Parliament figures sought by Ms. Glen show that there are 320 construction sector seeking work in Dundee and a further 150 in Angus.

"The construction industry is a key sector in the recovery, and must be kept ready and prepared for it through public capital investment and the retention of skilled employees and apprentices.

" Such activity will benefit both the construction sector and its supply sector businesses in this difficult period.

" This is why the decision of the Scottish Government as to which primary schools are to be built or refurbished or should have been made at the same time last month as the decision on the secondary schools involved.

" There is no case to delay the decision on primary schools until the end of this year."

The breakdown by trade is as follows :

Dundee figures :

Bricklayers & masons 40

Roofers, roof tilers and slaters 25

Plumbers and heating engineers 50

Joiners 110

Plasterers 15

Floorers and wall tilers 15

Painters and decorators 60

Glaziers 5

Steel erectors 0

Total 320

Angus figures

Bricklayers & masons 30

Roofers, roof tilers and slaters 15

Plumbers and heating engineers 15

Joiners and carpenters 60

Plasterers 0

Floorers and wall tilers 5

Painters and decorators 25

Glaziers 0

Steel erectors 0

Total 150


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