864,000 awarded for NHS dental bursaries in Dundee

23 January 2009


Marlyn Glen has welcomed the award of 864,000 in the current academic year as bursaries for dental students at Dundee University who have given a commitment to work on NHS dentistry on graduation.

Ms. Glen said that, in all, over 2.6 million has been spent on such bursaries at Dundee since the scheme was introduced in by the labour-led Scottish Executive in 2006, and that 212 Dundee dental students currently hold them.

Ms. Glen said,

"The bursary scheme has given NHS dentistry a greater appeal for dental students.

" In return for the bursary, each graduate on qualifying will work within NHS dentistry for a set period of years, depending on the amount of the bursary awarded.

" The scheme has been a sound investment in NHS dentistry and in the promotion of oral health.


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