Harris Academy refurbishment : MSP raises Scottish Futures Trust £120,000 spent on consultants

20 October 2009

Marlyn Glen is raising with the Scottish Government the £120,000 spent on outside consultants in the past 4 months by the Scottish Futures Trust, the body which is overseeing the refurbishment of Harris Academy.

Ms. Glen said that the money, which included nearly £50,000 for consultants’ assistance in the recruitment of seven senior Scottish Futures Trust staff, "should have been earmarked for Harris Academy instead."

Ms. Glen said,

" The Scottish Futures Trust has not laid one brick of any new school, but has been allowed to spend a large amount of money for little public value in return.

" If there is a shortfall between what Dundee City Council say they require for Harris refurbishment and what they get from the Scottish Government’s Futures Trust, then there is the risk of a squeeze on other council budgets to pay for the work on Harris.

"Alternatively, the scale of the Harris investment programme could be reduced."

Ms. Glen added,

" The £120,000 awarded to consultants would have been useful money in such circumstances, but has been already spent.

"Dundee City Council must receive an assurance from the Scottish Government that the funding for the refurbishment of Harris must be sufficiently abundant so that city’s other refurbishment plans will not face either suspension or procrastination."


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