No plans to re-locate civil service jobs to Dundee, MSP told

21 May 2009


Marlyn Glen said that the SNP Government has given her " no indication whatsoever " that it intends to relocate civil service jobs in Dundee.

Ms. Glen commented,

"Dundee is a city of significance and authority which has repeatedly made a compelling case for more civil service jobs.

" It does not need to make a better case now than it has already done.

"Itís time for action, not inertia, from the Scottish Government."

Ms. Glen had tabled a parliamentary question asking John Swinney, the Cabinet Minister responsible for relocation, asking whether the Scottish Government plans to relocate additional civil service jobs in Dundee.

In reply, Mr. Swinney told Ms. Glen,

"Any decision to relocate Civil Service jobs to Dundee would be taken in conjunction with the Scottish Governmentís policy of strategic asset management.

"The policy is based upon better use of the existing Government estate and solutions that represent best value for money for the Scottish Government as a whole.

"Where specific requirements are met, the relocation of public sector jobs remains an option.

"It must be demonstrated that relocation would lead to efficiencies and/or benefits for the wider Scottish Government; the organisation could operate effectively in another location; and relocation would be affordable and would not lead to any compulsory redundancies.


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