NHS Tayside "confident" of meeting waiting times target, MSP learns

20 January 2009

Marlyn Glen has been informed by NHS Tayside that they are "confident" that it will able to meet the maximum waiting time target of six weeks for key diagnostics by the end of March.

Ms. Glen had written to the health board asking what progress it had made towards reducing the current nine-weeks maximum to six for endoscopy and imaging tests by the end of March.

In reply to Ms. Glen, NHS Tayside said that they were confident of meeting the waiting time commitment and this would be achieved by making further improvements to current arrangements for providing these services such as the introduction of evening sessions MRI scanning.

Welcoming the Board’s prediction, Ms. Glen said,

" These reductions in the waiting times standard will have been achieved thanks to the work of dedicated staff.

" They have ensured a continual reduction in waiting times in recent years, and quicker diagnosis can mean quicker treatment for patients."


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