Apprentices facing redundancy at NCR : MSP urges Minister

19 March 2009


Marlyn Glen has written to Enterprise Minister Jim Mather urging an assurance that apprentices made redundant will be helped by the Scottish Government to complete their apprenticeships with other firms.

Ms. Glen said that she had asked Mr. Mather at the discussion on the City Chambers during his visit on Monday how many apprentices were to lose their jobs at NCR.

She asked for a guarantee from the Scottish Government that these apprentices would finish their training.

She said,

"The Minister said that he didnít know if apprenticeships were to be made redundant nor did he know if the Scottish Government could guarantee the completion of their apprenticeships.

"However such a guarantee to apprentices facing unemployment was agreed in negotiations ensuring that the Scottish Budget was passed by the Parliament last month.

" An apprenticeship completion guarantee scheme exists in Northern Ireland, and apprentices here must have these same rights."


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