Ninewells free car parking for Government Ministers : Ministerís reply means another question for the Minister .

17 June 2009

Marlyn Glen has tabled a further Parliamentary question on the issue of free parking for Scottish Government Ministers at Ninewells Hospital on official visits.

This follows the answer to her question that she received from Finance Minister John Swinney that in the past two years Scottish Government Ministers have visited Ninewells four times using Ministerial cars.

NHS Tayside have already admitted that they make "special arrangements" for Government Ministersí visits so that no parking charges are paid by them.

Ms. Glen said,

"The sound of silence that echoes from this reply simply invites a deeper enquiry of this issue.

" I am tabling a further question asking on how many occasions in the past two years Government Ministers have visited Ninewells on official business, what was the nature of the business, and for each occasion, whether or not a parking charge was incurred.

" Patients, visitors and staff should have the same free parking at Ninewells that Scottish Government Ministers privately enjoy on official visits."


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