MSP raises Broughty Ferry Primary Class Sizes with Education Secretary


17 April 2009


Marlyn Glen is raising with Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop the number of pupils in Primary 1 to 3 classes in primary schools in Broughty Ferry, all of which are above the maximum of 18 pupils set by the Scottish Government’s flagship education policy.

Ms. Glen said,

" Midway through the term of the present Scottish Government, not a single class in the first three years in either Barnhill , Eastern or Forthill has 18 or fewer pupils.

"Many are significantly larger in number.

" Yet, the SNP promised in their 2007 election campaign that all classes in primaries 1-3 in Scotland would have a maximum number of 18 pupils in them by 2011.

" Dundee now has 17 fewer primary teachers than it did last year.

" So it now the responsibility of the SNP Government to provide Dundee with the funding for more teachers and more resources that it needs to honour their election promise.

"Extraordinary promises require extraordinary funding."


The figures for the number of pupils in Broughty Ferry primary schools are :


Primary One two classes; ( number of pupils 25 and 35 )

Primary Two two classes ( number of pupils 29 and 30)

Primary Three two classes ( number of pupils 24 and 26)



Primary One two classes ( number of pupils 22 and 23 )

Primary Two one class (number of pupils 29)

Primary Three one class ( number of pupils 28)



Primary One three classes ( number of pupils 20,21, and 23 )

Primary Two two classes (number of pupils 26 and 28 )

Primary Three two classes ( number of pupils 29 and 30 )


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