Local Income Tax consultation cost over £10,000

17 March 2009


Marlyn Glen said today that the Scottish Government’s decision to spend £10,000 consultation on the introduction of Local Income Tax was "at odds with its excuse for abandoning the introduction of the tax for lack of a majority in parliament."

A parliamentary written answer revealed that the Scottish Government’s consultation on the proposals to introduce local income tax had cost over £10,000.

Finance Secretary John Swinney told Ms. Glen that the consultation "involved contracted research costs of £9570.37 and publication costs of £1217.96. A total of £10,788.33 (including VAT).

He went on, " In addition, there was civil service staff and administration costs (such as postage and packaging) which have not been itemised."

Ms. Glen, said "The regular SNP excuse for failing to keep its election promises such as introducing local income tax is that they are ‘a minority Government.’

"If this is the case, then why the need to begin a costly consultation that they knew at the beginning had no chance of becoming law?

"There has been very little support for the SNP’s nationally-set local income tax across Scotland which would increase income tax, hit many couples who work , and sweep aside decision-making by local councils on local matters."


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