C difficile : Marlyn Glen responds to Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon's statement that 5 points of the 15 point Pennington Plan to tackle the infection will be implemented

16 November 2009

In response, Marlyn Glen said,

" The question for the Scottish Government is what priority is it giving to the other points in the plan and how much progress has been made.

"For example the Scottish Government wants to reduce C difficile by 'at least 30 per cent by 2011'

"This is nothing like as precise and demanding as the Pennington plan which says it wants the rate cut by 50 per cent.

" We are all, like the Health Secretary, in favour of ‘Zero tolerance on hand hygiene’

" The question arises, 'Are the available resources sufficient to ensure that this is achieved and maintained?'

" We welcome the ‘increased funding provided to tackle HAI up from £15 million to £54 million over three years’ but how does £54 million spread over 3 years compare with how much other health services are spending to tackle healthcare acquired infection?

"For example, in England the NHS is to spend £270 million a year by 2011 on tackling health care acquired infections."


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