Teacher numbers : Almost 1 out of every 10 secondary teachers in Dundee gone

14 December 2010

Marlyn Glen today commented today on the latest Scottish Government statistics which reveal that almost 1 secondary school teacher in Dundee out of 10 has left in the past two years.

She said,

"Since the SNP Government assumed full responsibility for its budget in the past two years, Dundee has lost 79 secondary teachers, almost 1 out every ten teachers in secondary schools.

"This is occurring at a time of great concern and uncertainty about the resources for and the direction of the new Curriculum for Excellence ."

The number of secondary teachers in Dundee between 2009 and 2010 dropped in the latest year from 765 to 732 - a drop of 33.

The pupil-teacher ratio in secondaries rose from 10.2 to 10.6 in the same period.

The number of primary school teachers in Dundee between 2009 and 2010 dropped from 676 to 666 - a drop of 10.

The pupil-teacher ratio rose in primaries from 14.0 to 14.2 in the city.

Ms. Glen said,

"This coincides with the Scottish Governmentís own figures showing that only 27 per cent of P1-P3 pupils in Dundee are in class sizes of 18 or less or in two-teacher classes with a pupil-teacher ratio of 18 or less.

" Yet, the Scottish Government promised that all P1-P3 pupils in the city would be in classes of 18 or less by this school session."

She said that the statistics on the number of teachers and class sizes in Dundee "demonstrate decisively the conspicuous failure of the SNP Governmentís education policies in Dundee."

"The SNP-controlled council in the city maintains a monolithic silence every time the SNP Government fails Dundee.

"Itís time they were standing up for Dundee against the SNP Government rather than sticking up for the SNP Government in Dundee."

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