NHS Tayside expenditure must be guaranteed as a " budget for a key service"

14 August 2009

Marlyn Glen has written to Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon, calling for the Scottish Government to protect NHS Tayside’s budget by giving a commitment that health service budgets will be exempt from future cuts during the economic downturn.

Ms. Glen said that Labour had promised to avoid cutting health spending in England in real terms, but that the SNP had refused to give a similar guarantee on Scotland’s health spending.

Ms. Glen said,

" The health service in Tayside is no stranger to reductions in its spending being made by the SNP Government in Holyrood. "

She said that it had :

*ordered NHS Tayside to reduce its spending by £35 million in three years ‘ through efficiency savings’

*reduced the health board’s initial revenue allocation by £600,000 last year in real terms

*cut its formula capital allocation in real terms in both of the last two years compared with 2007-08.

*introduced a new funding system that would have seen NHS Tayside just under £11 million worse off this year if it had been fully operational.

Ms. Glen continued,

"I am calling on the Scottish Health Secretary to give the same priority to health spending in Scotland that Labour has already given to England and to exempt it from cuts during this recession.

"Running a government involves making tough decisions on guaranteeing budgets for key services."


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