MSP queries Scottish Government on free fruit pledge : 6,600 schoolchildren in Dundee still don't receive it.

14 January 2010

Marlyn Glen is asking the SNP Government why over 6,000 primary 3 to 7 pupils in Dundee still do not receive free fruit, despite a promise by them that all primary schoolchildren would receive it.

Information provided to Ms. Glen by Dundee City Council indicates that while all primary 1 and 2 classes in the city receive free fruit, there is still no equivalent distribution of free fruit for pupils in the primary 3 to 7 classes.

Ms. Glen said,

" Three years ago , the SNP election manifesto declared : ’We will ensure that all primary school pupils receive free fruit’

"Three years on from that rash promise, 70 per cent of primary pupils in Dundee do not receive free fruit.

" Councils such as Dundee, and others across Scotland,  cannot be faulted by the SNP Government for not providing fruit for all primary pupils if the Scottish Government denies them the money to do so.

"The SNP Government cannot pretend otherwise."

Ms. Glen is calling on the Scottish Government to ensure that all primary school pupils in Dundee receive free fruit.

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