Stobswell residents’ worries over prostitution : Parliamentary questions to be tabled

Marlyn Glen is tabling questions in the Scottish Parliament , on how many prosecutions there have been in Dundee under the Prostitution (Public Places) Scotland Act 2007.

She is also asking Tayside Police how many incidents have been reported to the police in Dundee.

Ms. Glen said ,

"The Act tackles in a new manner street prostitution and the anti-social behaviour that it can bring to communities through noisy rows, kerb-crawling, and intimidation.

" The Act ended the legal unfairness that previously focused on prostitutes who risked prosecution for soliciting while men seeking their services did not .

" Now any man found to be soliciting prostitutes in public, which includes kerb-crawling, can be prosecuted.

" Most of the women engaged in prostitution are not there through choice, and for many it is to fund their drug habit or someone else’s.

" I support the work of the Vice Versa initiative in Dundee and all other agencies seeking to tackle the underlying personal and social problems linked to prostitution."


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