"Cheerless news" over civil service jobs for Dundee

12 February 2010

Marlyn Glen described her reply from Scottish Gpvernment Finance Secretary John Swinney on more civil service jobs for the city as " cheerless news for Dundee".

Ms. Glen had asked the Scottish Government to "give the city a firm commitment that Dundee will be the home of new long-term Scottish Government agencies".

This , she said, " would represent a significant investment in the local economy."

She said,

"Two years ago the SNP Government shut down the civil service relocation policy that had brought jobs to Dundee.

" In its place the SNP said they were ‘ looking to locate new agencies outwith the central belt, but this will be done on merit’ and that ‘ Dundee is perfectly able to compete on its own merits for new agencies — and will do so.’

"Since then the SNP Government have set up several new agencies, but none of them has its HQ in Dundee.

"For example, Skills Development Scotland is based in Glasgow, while the Scottish Futures Trust is based in Edinburgh.

"Now Mr. Swinney’s response reveals the SNP’s determination to make do with fewer agencies , and not to create new ones."

In reply Mr. Swinney said,

"In January 2008, the Scottish Government set out its relocation and asset management policies.

"In essence, we announced that any potential relocation by the Scottish Government will be considered in terms of ensuring that business delivery functions can operate as effectively as possible, and that the Government’s simplification policy and preference not to create new bodies where possible will be upheld.

"Relocation will only be considered in terms of providing best value for money for the Scottish Government as a whole and delivering improved services at a time of tight financial restraint.


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