Emerging strain of C difficile reported in NHS Tayside

11 February 2009


Marlyn Glen has been informed by NHS Tayside that a relatively new emerging strain of C difficile had been recorded once within the health board area last year.

The relatively new strain of C difficile, called ribotype 078, has the same characteristics as another relatively new strain , type 027.

Type 027, has been recorded in NHS Tayside once in 2006 .

Ms. Glen said,

"The Scottish Clostridium Difficile Reference Service recommends that whatever the type of C difficile, they should all be treated by similarly infection control and prevention measures.

" The question that arises about new types of C difficile is whether they have acquired some degree of resistance to the antibiotic measures that are used successfully against older types which might allow the new types to spread more quickly.

" I am asking the Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon when Health Protection Scotland will publish their study on the epidemiology of C difficile to provide a clearer picture on how all its types can be better controlled. "


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