Marlyn Glen queries Scottish Government spending on survey of Tayside New Year resolutions on health

11 January 2010

Marlyn Glen has criticised the Scottish Government for spending money as part of a £6,000 survey on questions that asked people in Tayside if they were making New Year resolutions about their health.

Ms. Glen said,

" The Scottish Government has spent money researching into something that is already very well -known, namely, that people make New Year resolutions about their health.

"That’s money that should have been spent instead on medical solutions to improve health rather than on New Year resolutions to improve health.

"The Scottish Government ’s insistence that they are ‘unable’ to make public details of all the other questions in the survey simply arouses people’s suspicions about the contents of the survey."

Ms. Glen has written to Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon calling for details of all of the questions asked in the £6,000 survey to be released.

The question was part of a £6,000 survey undertaken on behalf of the Scottish Government .

The survey found that of those surveyed in Tayside , 49 per cent of New Year resolutions were about improving their health, with 27 per cent saying that more walking and cycling would be their New Year resolution.


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