MSP queries National Galleries on displaying £50 million Titian masterpiece in Dundee

10 July 2009

Marlyn Glen is asking the National Galleries of Scotland if it is planning to display £50 million Titian painting Diana and Acteon in Dundee.

The move follows correspondence between Ms. Glen and Scottish Culture Minister Mike Russell in which she asked him and the National Galleries of Scotland, to study the feasibility of displaying Titian’s Diana and Actaeon at the proposed Dundee V&A extension.

The initial scheme for the public display of the £50 million painting involved an alternating eight- month stay in either London or Edinburgh over the next three years, until May 2012.

However, following lobbying from Glasgow, the city will now also host displays of the painting.

After May 2012, the painting would be exhibited at various venues that have yet to be decided.

Ms Glen said,

"Millions of pounds of Scottish taxpayers’ money has been spent to buy this painting for the nation in the National Galleries in Edinburgh.

"It is only right and fair that the people of Dundee get their opportunity to see in their own city the 16th. century masterpiece that has been bought with their money."

Ms. Glen said that a commitment to display the Titian painting to Dundee could be "influential in encouraging the private sector and benefactors to contribute towards the construction costs of the V&A."

"It would be further evidence of the significance of Dundee as the choice to locate the extension of this museum of international reputation, " she said.

The Dundee V&A could be open by 2013, the year after the Diana and Actaeon painting is to be exhibited at various venues in the UK.

The capital cost at current values could be around £47.6 million.


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