Dundee primary class sizes : "Great gulf between the reality of the classroom and the hollowness of SNP promises "

10 April 2009

Marlyn Glen released figures today showing that only 8 out of 56 classes in primary 1 to 3 in Dundee have a maximum of 18 pupils or less midway through the term of office of the Scottish Government’s whose flagship policy is to reduce these early years class sizes to a maximum of 18 by 2011.

In Primary 2, only 2 out of 43 classes across the city have a maximum of 18 or fewer

In Primary 3 , only 1 class out of 39 classes has a maximum of 18 or fewer.

These figures exclude composite classes (there are 10 composite classes in P1-P2; 12 composite classes in P2-P3; 12 composite classes in P3-P4 )

In areas such as Broughty Ferry, class sizes in P1-P3 range from 24 to 35 in Barnhill,

22 to 29 in Eastern, and 20 to 30 in Forthill.

In Downfield P1-P3 class sizes range from 25-31, at Craigiebarns from 22 to 27

In the West End, P1-P3 classes sizes range from 23 to 27 at Blackness and from 23 to 25 at St. Joseph’s.

At Glebelands, P1-P3 classes range from 22 to 28.

Ms. Glen said,

"These stark figures show the great gulf that exists between the reality in Dundee primary classrooms and the hollow promises of the SNP Government and the First Minister that all primary 1-3 classes in Dundee will have a of maximum of 18 pupils by 2011.

"I am sending these figures to Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop to ask her how much new money and new teachers Dundee City Council will receive to fulfill this promise.

"So far, the SNP mantra of ‘record funding’ and ‘historic concordat’ has produced fewer, not more, primary teachers in the city.

Ms. Glen has already had tabled questions on the Scottish Parliament asking how much it will cost and how many new teachers will be needed to reduce class sizes by 2011.

She has also raised with the Education Secretary the drop in the number of primary teachers in Dundee by 17 in the past year.

Dundee P1-P3 class sizes of 18 and under

Primary one classes 18 and under

Craigowl 1 class

Fintry 1 class

Lochee 1 class

Rosebank 1class

St. Fergus 1 class

St Ninians 1 class

St. Pius 1 class

Sidlaw View 1 class

Of the 56 P1 classes in Dundee, only 8 have 18 or less pupils

These figures exclude 10 composite classes in P1-P2

Primary two classes

Primary two classes 18 and under

Longhaugh 1 class

Sidlaw View 1 class

Of the 43 P2 classes in Dundee, only 2 have 18 or less pupils

These figures exclude 12 Primary composite classes in P2-P3

Primary three

Primary three classes 18 and under

Sidlaw View 1 class

Of the 39 classes in P3, only 1 class has 18 or less pupils

These figures exclude 12 composite classes in P3-P4

Download the information on class sizes (Excel file)

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