MSP urges aid for NHS Tayside to employ newly-qualified midwives

09 December 2009

Marlyn Glen is urging Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon, to take action to ensure that NHS Tayside can employ newly-qualified midwives when there is just one part-time vacancy for midwives in the health board.

The midwifery student intake at Dundee University for session 2009-10 is 20, and for Scotland overall 184.

Under the arrangement between the Scottish Government and health boards, every newly-qualified midwife and nurse who wishes to work in the NHS in Scotland receives an offer of employment under the One Year Guarantee Scheme.

However, in a letter of reply to Ms Glen on the subject, NHS Tayside Chair Sandy Watson said,

"Our staff turnover in NHS Tayside is very low and at present we have a part-time vacancy for a midwife which would suit a newly-qualified midwife.

"We are therefore unable to offer midwives posts for one year unless central funding from the Scottish Government is made available under the One Year Guarantee Scheme.

"We are aware that midwives who have recently qualified have enquired about posts and have been advised that we do not have substantive full-time posts.

"NHS Tayside is always keen to offer posts to newly-qualified practitioners and in the absence of currently available posts will offer the opportunity to join out team of bank nurses and midwives. "


Ms. Glen said,

" I have written to the Health Secretary urging that NHS Tayside receive funding that enables them to employed newly-qualified midwives under the national one year agreement .

" The lack of vacancies will diminish morale amongst student midwives, and the investment in their training and skills will be lost to the NHS in Scotland


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