40 per cent cut in teacher training places as over  250 Dundee primary school teachers set to retire over the next decade

9 February 2010

Marlyn Glen said today that the decision to cut back on teacher training numbers at Dundee University this year will have " severe repercussions for primary education in Dundee over the next decade" and called on the Scottish Government to "re-think its ill-considered proposal."

She was responding to the decision by the Scottish Government to reduce the number of places on the post-graduate teaching course at Dundee University from 143 to 40 this autumn.

She said,

" There are over 250 primary school teachers in Dundee who will be at or approaching retirement age over the next 10 years and who will need to be replaced.

" There are currently 155 primary school teachers in the 55-and-over year old age group, and a further 98 in the age group 50-54 years.

" These cuts in teacher training places will store up problems for the future when these posts have to be filled.

"In view of the widespread opposition that these cuts have provoked, the Scottish Government must re-think its ill-considered proposal."


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