Single hospital rooms - MSP questions Health Secretary on funding for NHS Tayside

08 January 2009

Marlyn Glen is to question Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon on the source of funds for new proposals to provide only single rooms in future, new or significantly refurbished hospitals in NHS Tayside.

She is also questioning the Health Secretary on the funding required to ensure that sufficient nursing staff are available to meet the level of patient care that single room provision would require.

Ms. Glen had written to NHS Tayside on the impact the proposals would have on its finances following Ms. Sturgeonís announcement in November of new long-term plans that single rooms are to become the norm for all new and most refurbished hospitals.

In reply to Ms. Glen, Sandy Watson, Chair of NHS Tayside said,

"We are examining the implications of providing single room accommodation in our hospitals .

"While there is not a sum specifically identified for this purpose in the current five year capital plan, we will ensure that the provision of single rooms is included within the specification of future refurbishment programmes.

"We will examine the staffing implications that result from the changing models of care facilitated by the provision of single rooms."

Ms. Glen said,

" Single rooms will help boost infection control measures against superbugs such as MRSA and C difficile.

"However, their provision will increase the running cost of hospitals.

"Even at this early stage of planning such long-term projects, health boards such as NHS Tayside need to know if new, additional money would be made available for these measures, or if it would need to be found from existing budgets where another part of the health service would be the poorer as a result."



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