Never Too Late to Vaccinate

06 August 2009

Marlyn Glen has released figures she has received from NHS Tayside showing that there are 1,033 children aged from over 5 to 16 in Dundee who have not been immunised with a primary MMR vaccination.

A further 1,100 have received a primary MMR vaccination but have not been immunised with a booster.

The figures mean that there are many teenagers in the city who were not vaccinated against measles as young children and who today are unprotected against the disease.

Ms. Glen said,

"Measles is a highly infectious disease which can have serious consequences for the very young and for families

"MMR offers the safest protection against measles, mumps and rubella.;

"That is why the vast majority of parents in Dundee immunise their children with it.

" Scotland’s ‘Never Too Late’ MMR-uptake programme encourages parents of children who are not fully-immunised against measles to have them vaccinated."

The routine MMR immunisation programme consists of two doses of the vaccine for children by the age of five, a primary and a booster.

The Scottish Health Department regard one dose of MMR as providing protection against measles for 90 per cent of children , and that two doses protect 99 per cent

For mumps, the effective levels of protection are 87.8 per cent after one dose and 94.6 per cent after two doses.

For rubella, the effective levels of protection are 95 per cent after one dose and 99 per cent after two doses

Vaccination rates for Dundee in the period April 2008-March 2009 show that 95.6 per cent of children were immunised with one dose of MMR by the age of 5.

77.4 per cent were immunised with two doses by the age of 5.


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