Dundee’s participation in new Baccalaureate exam

6 January 2010

Figures given to Marlyn Glen from Dundee City Council indicate that Dundee will have 27 secondary pupils from 6 of its secondary schools taking part in the new Scottish Baccalaureate exam in Science this year .

Only 37 secondary schools across the whole of Scotland are participating in the Science Baccalaureate.

At six, Dundee has the highest number of schools of any local authority taking part.

Figures given to Ms. Glen reveal the number of pupils in the participating schools as :

Baldragon 2 ; Grove 8 ; Harris 12 ; Morgan 3 ; Menzieshill 1 ; St John's 1.

Ms. Glen paid tribute to " steadfast work" of the teaching staff in participating schools and at Abertay University

However, she added,

" It remains to be seen if the staff have received the necessary time and resources from the Scottish Government to prepare for and to implement this new exam.

"The degree of success that Dundee achieves in the Science Baccalaureate could well determine the value and the credibility of the exam in the eyes of other local education authorities in Scotland."

Responding to a request for information query from Ms. Glen, Dundee City Council Chief Executive David Dorward said,

"Our Science presentation...far exceeds what is happening in other parts of the country and is down to some very hard work between schools and the University of Abertay Dundee.

" Unfortunately, we have no pupils this session working towards the Baccalaureate in Languages, but this is a situation which is mirrored right across the country."


Only 12 schools in Scotland are taking part in the Languages Baccalaureate.


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