MSP greets success of bursary scheme for dentists in Tayside

04 August 2009

Marlyn Glen has hailed the success of the dental bursary introduced by the previous Labour-led Scottish Executive in 2006 in attracting more dentists into the NHS in Tayside.

Ms. Glen has received official Government figures which show that 15 Dundee University dental students who received a dental bursary in their final year are now in vocational training in NHS Tayside.

Ms. Glenís information also indicates that there are 181 dentists in Scotland, including vocational trainees, who are working in General Dental Services who received a dental bursary.

Ms. Glen said,

" I am very pleased to see how popular the bursary has become in the past 3 years in making NHS dentistry more attractive as a career path.

" Patients are starting to see the benefits of a scheme which will guarantee many more dentists working in the NHS in the years to follow."

A further 34 Dundee bursary recipients are now in vocational training in 9 other health boards.

Ms. Glen also congratulated parents in Dundee for having achieved a Scottish Government dental health target even before the programme was introduced.

She said, " The Scottish Government wants to ensure that at least 80 per cent of children aged between 3 and 5 are registered with an NHS dentist by 2011.

"Their programmeís Action Plan was introduced in December 2007, at which time Dundee child registrations with an NHS dentist stood at over 93 per cent.

" Parents in Dundee know that registering their children with a dentist is a simple but necessary step for their dental health."



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