Figures released on Healthy Life Expectancy in Dundee in the early 2000s

02 February 2010

Marlyn Glen released figures today showing that a study covering the period 1999-2003 indicated that both men and women in Dundee spend more years not in good health compared with Scotland overall.

Ms. Glen asked the Scottish Government for the latest available official data for Dundee on life expectancy and "healthy life expectancy ".

"Healthy Life Expectancy" is the number of years that they may expect to enjoy "good health"

For Dundee males, life was estimated at 71.8 years, and healthy life expectancy at 64.6 years.

This means that the number of years "not spent in good health was 7.2 years"

The comparable Scottish figure for males is less, and estimated to be 7.0 years.

For Dundee females, life expectancy was estimated at 78.0 , and healthy life expectancy at 68.8 years.

This means that the number of years " not spent in good health" was 9.2 years

The comparable Scottish figures for females is less, and estimated at 8.5 years

Ms. Glen said that she was contacting Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon to ask what efforts her department could make to get more up-to-date estimates of healthy life expectancy.

Ms. Glen said, " Healthy Life Expectancy is an important factor because it helps to measure the quality of life and whether or not an increase in life expectancy ensures more years in good health.

"Healthy Life expectancy is related to a whole host of personal and social factors."


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