MSP calls on NHS Tayside to release its own internal findings on C difficile outbreak

02 February 2010

Marlyn Glen has re-iterated her call for NHS Tayside to reveal the findings of their own investigation into the C difficile outbreak at Ninewells.

Ms. Glen has written to both Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon and to NHS Tayside calling for its release.

Ms. Glen said,

"It is very much in the public interest, in the interests of the families concerned and in the interests of hard-working staff that the health board reveal as soon as possible what they have concluded were the reasons for the tragic outbreak."

"The public need to know that lessons have been learned from the Ninewells outbreak to prevent a recurrence of its causes.

"Thatís why NHS Tayside should release the results of their own investigation.

"This would ensure the retention of public support in the campaign against hospital superbugs, and confidence in further preventative measures that are being taken

Ms. Glen said that NHS Tayside, in common with other health boards, use a "Root Cause Analysis" procedure which, they say, helps them "understand what may have caused a healthcare acquired infection and whether action can be taken to prevent it happening again."


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