Ten years of devolution in Scotland

01 July 2009

Statement by Marlyn Glen on 10 years of devolution in Scotland

Ten years ago, the process of devolution, "the settled will of the Scottish people" as former Labour leader John Smith described it, created the Scottish Parliament.

"Today, ten years on, very few people now want to return to the governing of Scotland that existed before the Scottish Parliament.

" The Scottish Parliament has been good for the people of Scotland

"Looking back, some of its outstanding achievements have been in the provision of free personal care, concessionary free travel for the elderly, the ban on smoking in public places, and the very high profile given to tackling domestic violence.

"Looking to the future, the recent Climate Change Bill has set bold targets for carbon emission reductions to benefit the Scots of tomorrow."

" Devolution was not just a single event - the creation of the Scottish Parliament .

"It is a continuing process, as the proposals of the recent Calman Commission demonstrate."



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