MSP asks why no Dundee venue for rail timetable consultation

01 February 2010

Marlyn Glen is asking the East Coast Main Line rail company why Dundee has not been chosen as a venue this week for its consultation on its new timetable.

East Coast are describing the timetable, due to come into operation in May 2011, as "the biggest train timetable change on this route for 20 years."

Ms. Glen said, "If this is indeed the case, why has Scotlandís fourth largest city, Dundee, not been selected as a venue for local comments on the changes like the other major Scottish cities , Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen this week?

" Dundee is selling itself as a place for visitors to come and stay rather than as just a stopping-off point for other attractions.

" To do this, it needs to maximise public awareness about the importance of its transport services and terminals.

"It should have been given the same status as the other big Scottish cities with a venue in the Dundee where comments could have been gathered on local responses to these proposed major changes."

Consultations are being held in Edinburgh on 3rd. February , Glasgow (4th. ) Aberdeen (5th.)

East Coastís website states

"The timetable will also include through trains to the following locations:

Dundee : 4 trains per day to London"


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