Marlyn Glen MSP showed her support for women’s political inclusion in both the UK and across the globe by signing One World Action’s More Women More Power postcard campaign, which is advocating for 50 per cent or more women in elected positions in the UK and worldwide.

Speaking on International Women’s Day, on Sunday 8th March, she said:

"Despite making up 50 per cent of the world’s population, less than 20 per cent of parliamentarians worldwide are women

"In Scotland, we can be proud that a third of all members of the Scottish Parliament are women.

"Scottish Labour can be proud that it advocated all-women shortlists and constituency twinning and led the UK in delivering a Labour Party with gender parity in the Scottish Parliament.

"Scottish/Labour success should not mean that the issue of women’s political representation falls off the agenda.

"The UK lags a long way behind others in terms of women’s political representation. In Westminster, only 19.5% of MPs are women – this is less than Rwanda, China, Afghanistan, The Philippines and Mozambique, to name a few.

"This year marks the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women was signed.

"Article 7 of CEDAW says that all States who ratify the Convention "shall take appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination against women in the political and public life of the country" and shall ensure to women "on equal terms with men" the right to vote, formulate government policy, hold public office, and perform at all levels of government.

"In the last three decades, progress in the UK and across the world has been patchy. Now is the time for real action. One World Action."

One World Action

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If you believe that it is a matter of justice and democracy that women be fairly represented in decisions that impact upon their lives, you can act now by signing the More Women, More Power pledge. Make sure your voice is heard."

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