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This website was established when Marlyn Glen was a Member of the Scottish Parliament. As the Scottish Parliament has now been dissolved there are no Members of the Scottish Parliament until after the election of 5th. May 2011


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Women's Dinner, Scottish Parliament, March 2011


Supporting the Pledge for Prostate Cancer


Marlyn supporting the Poverty Alliance


Marlyn highlighting the cut in teacher numbers by the SNP Government  January 2011


Marlyn supporting USDAW's Freedom from Fear campaign December 2010


Marlyn with Labour colleagues outside the Scottish Parliament on Budget Day, November 2010

Marlyn with CWU members, John Brown and Willy Lawson of the CWU


Marlyn with PCS union officials November 2010


Marlyn supporting Shelter Scotland's latest campaign ( City Square, Dundee, November 2010)


Marlyn supporting Vote for Sport at the Scottish Labour conference in Oban October 2010


Marlyn and Parliamentary colleagues in support of Scottish Women's Aid 2010  campaign to protect dedicated  funding for services for women who have experienced domestic abuse. have experienced domestic abuse



Marlyn supporting Wear It Pink

Blindcraft lobby of Parliament


Signing the Parkinson's Pledge


Marlyn debating

Marlyn with Iain Gray, Labour Leader in the Scottish Parliament, in Dundee


Marlyn with John Watson (Amnesty International) and Ann Hamilton (TARA)


Marlyn and National Epilepsy Week


Marlyn with Pauline Rourke STUC conference

Dundee 2009


Marlyn with Johann Lamont MSP


Marlyn with Richard Baker MSP supporting NUS Scotland's Think Positive campaign


Celebrating A Gude Cause :

commemorating the campaign for Women's Suffrage


Marlyn supports a Charter for Dementia


Marlyn and the Burns Banner


Meeting supporters of a petition outside Holyrood



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Raising awareness of epilepsy


One World Action appeal

Gaza protest demonstration, Edinburgh

Marlyn and Richard Baker meet UNITE


Marlyn meets with Unite the union


PNND meeting


Marlyn with Palestinian guests at Holyrood


Supporting Breast Cancer campaign


Visiting the NHS 60 roadshow


Promoting the work of Epilepsy Scotland


supporting the Coastguard service


with Pat Crook, Learndirect Scotland


 with Rathbone Scottish Achiever, Ryan Mitchell.


with Venezeulan Ambassador Samuel Moncada


highlighting One Workplace Equality Rights


Highlighting that physical and verbal abuse against workers is an offence


Marlyn with Scottish Labour MSPs and MPs


with members of the Dundee branch of the Parkinson's Disease Society

with members of the Dundee and Perth branches of the Parkinson's Disease Society


Signing the Scottish Peace Covenant


Marking Wear It Pink Day



Showing racism the red card



with Dundee Labour Students


Marlyn with Prue Watson at the International Day of Peace events



Promoting the work of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign



Marlyn with Erik Cramb


Marlyn with representatives of Alzheimer Scotland



Marlyn with Councillor Brian Gordon and Cardean Ross


at STV studios in Dundee






Swearing-in, Holyrood May 2007




at West Ferry, Dundee




at Whitfield, Dundee


electioneering at Barns of Claverhouse, Dundee