Media 2007

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24th. Climate change - "doing nothing is not an option" >>>

15th. Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre attracts more visitors than the Royal Yacht Britannia and the Burrell Collection >>>

2nd. New procedure could detect over 20 new cases of breast cancer in Tayside each year >>>



28th. MSP praises reduction in NHS Tayside waiting times >>>

16th. The "drug-alyser" and Drug driving >>>

9th. Statement on her vote to remove tolls from the Tay and Forth Road bridges >>>

5th. "Magnificent" figures from NHS Tayside staff, says MSP >>>

2nd. MSP supports call for volunteers for Asbestos Action (Tayside)  >>>

1st. Sure Start £2.9 million support for families in Dundee and Angus >>>



18th. Response to sub postoffice business improvement training "encouraging" >>>

12th. Number of Dundee and Angus university students receiving bursaries increases >>>

11th. Marlyn Glen questions First Minister on NCR >>>

4th. "Day case surgery will be promoted as 'the norm' "  - NHS Tayside >>>




23rd. Statement on Malcolm Chisholm's Ministerial resignation and on the vote on motion on Trident replacement >>>

22nd.Over 2,200 charges of driving without insurance in Dundee in the past two years >>>

13th. Dundee awarded £41,000 to develop e-planning >>>

11th. Welcome for £60,000 extra spending on safety in Dundee over the Christmas and New Year period >>>

8th. Support for campaign on carersí rights on Carersí Rights Day >>>

5th. Traffic calming measures around Monifieth High School >>>

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29th. Broughty Ferry on target >>>

29th. NHS Tayside reply on maternity services >>>

29th. Comments on the number of complaints made against police in Tayside >>>

23rd. Over 30,600 travel cards issued in Dundee under the national concessionary travel scheme >>>

23rd. Low birth weights increase in Tayside >>>

18th. MSP supports "radical reform" of Planning Law >>>

16th. Dundee immunisation rates exceed Scottish target >>>

14th. MSP says campaign to tackle carefree attitude to carrying weapons will make a difference >>>

6th. MSP supports Dyslexia Awareness Week >>>

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31st. New research backs Dundee smoking ban bar staff health survey >>>

27th. Breast Cancer campaign : wear it pink >>>

25th. New NHS Tayside procedure produces threefold increase in fall referrals amongst the elderly >>>

18th. Low birth weight and smoking during pregnancy highlighted >>>

18th. Statement on Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation figures for Dundee >>>

18th. Increase in the numbers in employment in Dundee >>>

12th. MSPís figures show that the gender pay gap in Dundee is narrowing >>>

6th. Dundee study shows benefits of breastfeeding >>>

3rd. Tayside maternity services and changes in fertility rates >>>

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26th. Climate change : 2.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year per Dundonian >>>

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22nd. Respiratory cancer deaths double for women in Tayside >>>

19th. Call for greater assistance for cancer patients >>>

15th. Backing campaign to help elderly this winter >>>

13th. Incomers age boost for Dundee >>>

8th. Praise for Ninewells A&E unit >>>

6th. Statement on latest crime figures for Dundee >>>

1st. Over 3,000 single parents in Dundee involved in new scheme >>>

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30th. Fresh Talent Initiative : Dundee figures >>>

29th. Dental de-registration figures for Tayside : Executive "steadfast" in its financial incentives to dentists >>>

25th. Dundee "on target" to reduce benefits numbers by 10 per cent by next year >>>

23rd. NHS Tayside employing more bank nurses >>>

22nd. Almost 10,000 in Dundee involved in New Deal programmes >>>

18th. Numbers receiving flu vaccine in Tayside at an all-time high >>>

17th. MSP calls for tolls over the Tay to go >>>

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7th. Appeal for support for Scotland's campaign for National Fair Trade Status >>>

6th. Progress report on oral health targets >>>

4th. More exercise being taken in Tayside >>>

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29th. MSP queries Health Minister on timetable for approval for new treatment >>>

27th. Civil service job relocation for Dundee - reply to Parliamentary Question >>>

26th. Welcome for Dundee's successful compliance with smoking ban >>>

21st. Almost 300 in possession of a knife or offensive weapon in Tayside >>>

20th. Tobacco purchase age to be raised to 18? >>>

16th. Missed hospital appointments >>>

8th. Alcohol and drug deaths >>>

7th. Assurances sought on coverage of Dundee news from STV >>>

6th.  Statement on rape statistics >>>

2nd. Health board input into new licenses under Licensing (Scotland) Act >>>

1st. 36 new jobs at OSCR office in Dundee >>>

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24th. MSP backs Knife Amnesty >>>

23rd. Smart meters to cut domestic fuel consumption >>>

19th. MSP recognises Baby-Friendly status >>>

18th. Statement on Sportscotland relocation to Glasgow and not Dundee >>>

4th. MSP to meet VisitScotland to press Dundeeís case as cruise tourism destination >>>

3rd. NHS Tayside to recruit more dental nurses to tackle child dental decay >>>

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28th. Dundee skills level increasing >>>

26th. Number of Dundee dental graduates remaining in Scotland continues to rise >>>

 20th. Seized criminal assets fund anti-drug campaigns >>>

20th.  One Dundee company benefits from SCORE >>>

15th. Extra funding for Tayside to implement Executive sexual health strategy >>> 

14th. Tayside breastfeeding rates >>>

12th. Funding for tackling drug abuse schemes in Dundee and Tayside >>>

3rd. Support for proposed Abolition of Tolls (Scotland) Bill >>>

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31st. Statement on vote on Tay Bridge tolls debate >>>

28th. Promoting Dundee and cruise tourism >>>

23rd. Gender and job segregation : answers to Parliamentary Questions >>>

17th. £140,000 for Dundee In Court Advice service >>>

17th. D-Toxt drug scheme funding >>>

13th., 15th. 20th. 22nd. Statements on proposed job losses at Tesco >>>

9th. Planning for The Open at Carnoustie in 2007 >>>

7th. Gender and jobs : Questions to the Executive >>>

3rd.  Dundee flood alleviation to cost £30,000 >>>

2nd. Tay Bridge tolls - statement >>>

2nd.  Question on attacks on hospital staff >>>

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28th. Youth Music Initiative £170,000 bid >>>

15th. In-Court Advice funding for Dundee >>>

13th. Plans for the elderly  >>>

10th. Home contents insurance "essential"  >>>

8th. Encouraging more recycling  >>>

3rd. Travel Plans for each council area by 2008  >>>

2nd. Concessionary travel scheme cards to be issued >>>

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31st.  Dundee chewing gum removal scheme to continue >>>

23rd. 33,000 set to benefit from travel scheme >>>

20th. Healthy Start initiative >>>

15th. Recording audio welcome for the website >>>

18th. Call for announcement on central heating programme >>>

12th. Unplanned pregnancies trend remains downwards >>>

10th. Welcome for decrease in smoking during pregnancy >>>

4th. Promoting Xmas card recycling schemes >>>

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