26th. Lift share scheme success >>>

23rd. Appeal over NHS winter services >>>

21st. "On target" for unplanned pregnancy reductions >>>

13th. Road humps and speed cameras >>>

10th. Violence Reduction Unit welcomed >>>

7th. Life sciences and digital sectors set to grow >>>

2nd. Dundee Primary 7 dental inspection >>>



30th. Organ donation campaign >>>

29th. Support for Executive knife crime policy >>>

28th. Improvements at Tay Bridge station >>>

25th. Internet boost for Dundee and Angus tourism >>>

25th. Support for warmer homes this winter >>>

18th. Reduction in delays in trains to and from Dundee >>>

16th. More seek assistance from Victim Support >>>

15th. 16 million litres saved each day >>>

7th. MSP welcomes "smoke wardens" >>>

5th. Emergency Workers (Scotland) Act >>>

3rd. NHS e-budgets >>>

1st. First ScotRail meets its targets for Dundee >>>



27th. Breastfeeding on the rise in Dundee >>>

26th. Progress with the Dundee Older People's Falls Project >>>

19th. Concessionary fares scheme : work on target >>>

17th. Backing International Day against World Poverty >>>

14th. Start date sought at Carnoustie >>>

10th. NHS boost to local businesses through food supplies expenditure >>>

8th. Raising breast cancer awareness >>>

5th. Scottish Arts Council relocation : no decision yet >>>

4th. Plea to stabilise Dundee's population through quality jobs >>>



28th. Dundee rail services : Executive questioned

20th. Dundee job relocation : sites identified >>>

9th. Welcome for Women's Enterprise Strategy >>>

6th. Call to relocate Scottish Arts Council to Dundee >>>

2nd. Support for medical entry requirements changes >>>



31st. Investment Prospects for Dundee >>>

30th. VIPER demonstration by police >>>

29th. Number of abandoned vehicles disposed of drops >>>

26th. Executive dental programme defended >>>

23rd.  Safer City Centre Initiative : Dundee's expenditure >>>

22nd. Dundee Airport : Executive help with Route Development Fund >>>

19th. Dundee - the city of friendly neighbours : survey >>>

16th. Fresh job relocation plea for Dundee to Minister >>>

12th. Homestake programme : Minister's reply >>>

12th. Support for 7 city sub post offices >>>

8th. Closing the Opportunity Gap >>>

2nd. Minister's reply on Central Heating Programme >>>

2nd. MRSA : Call to study tests on anti-bacterial agent >>>


29th. Unemployment rates in individual areas of Dundee >>>

29th. Dundee and BBC weather map : appeal to Director-General >>>

28th. Communities Regeneration spending welcomed >>>

26th. Sleep disorder treatment service for Tayside >>>

22nd. Anti-social behaviour strategies' funding >>>

21st. Raising awareness on organ donation >>>

19th. Knife crime : Minister's reply >>>

17th. Road Safety education >>>

15th.  Call to extend central heating programme >>>

11th.  Action on mobile phone bullying >>>

7th. ASBOS - Council and Executive responses >>>

6th. £72,000 for infection control in MRSA campaign >>>

5th. Homestake : Pressing Dundee’s case for inclusion >>>

1st. Dundee child dental health improving >>>



29th. Dundee University's African work recognised >>>

27th. Schools of Ambition >>>

27th. Support for Financial Inclusion Plan for Dundee >>>

21st. Only 2% of childcare workers are men >>>

17th. Knife crime : Letter to Justice Minister >>>

15th. NHS Tayside tackling MRSA >>>

10th.  Treating sleeping disorder in Tayside >>>

9th. Number of teleworkers and Home Computer Schemes >>> 

6th. Over £10 million to be spent tackling bullying in schools >>>

3rd. Scottish Executive studies “teleworking” and impact on traffic levels >>>

1st. Plea to boost Dundee's domestic Internet connection rate >>>



21st. NHS Tayside’s initiatives to encourage retention of staff >>> 

20th.  Absence of Dundee from BBC Scotland weather map raised >>>

13th. Making cancer patients aware of their benefits entitlement >>>

9th. Tackling classroom indiscipline >>>

3rd.  Computerised identity parades to be used in Tayside >>>



18th. NHS Tayside “on course” to provide emergency care electronic record for patients >>>

7th. NHS Tayside and local authorities in transport arrangement talks >>>



2nd. Dundee to host pilot Community Reparation Order scheme >>>

1st. Praise for women who report domestic abuse >>>


   24th.   "Shop a drug dealer" campaign

22nd.  NHS Direct Digital TV initiative 

10th. Dundee Home Zones pilot study 

 7th. Dentistry "must become a service at the centre of the NHS"

1st.  Making unpaid carers aware of financial support available to them 


31 st. Comments on reported high domestic abuse rate in Dundee

24th. Ministerial reply on recycling of computer equipment

19th. Employment opportunities for the economically inactive

 7th.  Increase in detection rates for motor vehicle theft

7th. Victim Notification Scheme to receive greater publicity


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