Marlyn with representatives of Alzheimer Scotland


Marlyn was one of the signatories of the motion on Dementia Awareness Week proposed by Irene Oldfather MSP which reads :

Dementia Awareness Week 2007 - 4 to 8 Juneó That the Parliament acknowledges that Dementia Awareness Week takes place between 4 and 8 June 2007; welcomes representatives from Alzheimer Scotland to the Garden Lobby of the Parliament during that week where they will host an exhibition to raise awareness of the disease; is aware that in 2007 there are over 60,000 people in Scotland diagnosed with Alzheimerís disease and that 1,350 to 1,650 of these people are under 65; notes with concern that with an ageing population this figure is set to increase and that Alzheimer Scotland predicts that by 2031 there will be approximately 102,000 to 114,000 people with dementia; recognises that there is a need for the Scottish Executive to take decisive action now to accommodate this increasingly vulnerable group in our society; welcomes the publication on 4 June 2007 of Alzheimer Scotlandís latest report, The Dementia Epidemic Ė Where Scotland is Now and the Challenge Ahead; notes that the report highlights the large and rapidly-growing number of people with dementia in Scotland and the economic impact that this has today and will have in the future; recognises that there are steps that everyone can take to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimerís disease; welcomes Alzheimer Scotlandís latest information campaign, Good for You, Good for Your Brain, which emphasises the small but significant lifestyle changes that people can make to reduce the risk, such as eating healthily, staying mentally and physically active and maintaining social networks; but accepts that it is the responsibility of government to implement strategies to better accommodate the needs of dementia sufferers and their families, and therefore calls on the Executive to increase funding for care services, both in the immediate and longer term, improve training in dementia care, restore the availability of drug treatments to people with mild Alzheimerís disease and make dementia a national priority.

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